Odor Control

Fine Care® products contain special ingredients that lock and inhibit odors, keeping the skin feeling fresh and clean.

Extra Soft

Fine Care® products are engineered with a special extra-soft top layer that keeps the skin comfortable.

pH Balance

Fine Care® products maintain the natural PH level of the skin which helps preserve the skin’s texture.

Textile Back Sheet

Fine Care® products are developed with a textile back sheet making the product noiseless and discreet, ensuring optimal comfort and a healthier skin.


Each Fine Care® diaper has gone through a specialised sterilisation process, to ensure that only the best quality product reaches your hand, every time.

Top Dry

Fine Care® products unique top sheet system provides rapid absorption of liquid, keeping it away from your skin, and leaving you with a comfortable feeling throughout the day.


Fine Care® products are formulated with vitamin E lotion that provides skin care benefits.