Fine Care® Pull-Ups/ Underwear

Because we care about your loved ones the same way you do, Fine Care® provides a range of products that surrounds them with comfort and protection: just what they deserve!

 Fine Care® Pull-Ups feel as comfortable as the normal underwear! Its ease of use, high absorbency core, and the cut and sizes that fit the body, makes your loved ones comfortable and confident all day long!

Fine Care® Pull-Ups (Underwear) for Incontinence Protection:

Fine Care®, is the only product that helps protect against the 7 signs of diaper skin irritation!

Fine Care® Disposable Pull-up (Underwear), with the patented DermaPro™7 technology, provides extra absorbency and comfort throughout the day and night, with a cut specially designed to fit the body. Its breathable waist panels and cloth-like outer material keep the skin cool and fresh. The inner fabric is supplemented with extra absorbency to provide maximum safety and odor control. Fine Care® Pull-Up is suitable for men and women, and feels like normal underwear, giving greater freedom, confidence & independence. 


  • 1- Super absorbent thin layer
  • 2- Breathable back sheet
  • 3- Leakage barriers
  • 4- Fits your body contour
  • 5- Comfortable elastic waist
  • 6- Wetness indicator
Available Sizes
  • Medium (80cm – 110cm): 14 Pull-Ups
  • Large (100cm – 140cm): 14 Pull-Ups