Fine Care® Male Guards

Because we know that you want to stay in control of every aspect of your life, Fine Care® products, designed especially for men, give you the protection you need in a very discreet way!

Fine Care® Male Guards are designed especially for you, to enable you to stay in control, and live life to the fullest, with all its details. 

Fine Care® Male Guards For Incontinence Protection:

Fine Care®, is the only product that helps protect against the 7 signs of diaper skin irritation!

Fine Care® Male Guards for urinary incontinence, with the patented DermaPro™7 technology, provide extra absorbency & comfort, with a shape that fits your body contour. Fine Care® Male Guards is supplemented with extra absorbent material to provide maximum safety, prevent leakage and inhibit odors for comfort and confidence during prolonged use.The cloth-like outer material is breathable & provides privacy and discretion. Fine Care® Male Guards contain a full length adhesive strip that ensures the male guard remains intact for maximum comfort and free movement.


  • 1- Super Absorbent Layer
  • 2- Side Guards to Prevent Leakage
  • 3- Cloth-Like Material that Provides Comfort
  • 4- Adhesive Tape that Offers Reliable Attachment to the Underwear
  • 5- Small and Discreet
Available Sizes
  • Free Size – 14 Male Guards