Fine Care®Feminine Pads

Because we know that little nuisances like incontinence cannot stop strong women from living life to the fullest, our wide range of products gives you the protection you need to do the things you love, the way you want! No more worries about missing any moment! Our Fine Care® Feminine Pads give you the needed protection with full discreetness and provides you with confidence to live your life to the fullest.

Fine Care® Feminine Pads For Maximum Urinary Incontinence Protection:

Fine Care®, is the only product that helps protect against the 7 signs of diaper skin irritation! Fine Care® Feminine Pads for urinary incontinence, with the patented DremaPro™ 7; technology, provide extra absorbency & comfort throughout the day and night, with a shape that fits your body contour. The inner fabric of Fine Care Feminine pads is supplemented with extra absorbent material to provide maximum safety, prevent leakage and inhibit odors for comfort and confidence during prolonged use. The cloth-like outer material is breathable & provides privacy and discreetness. In addition, Fine Care® Feminine Pads contain a full length adhesive strip that ensures the pad remains intact for maximum comfort and free movement


  • 1- Super Absorbent Layer: Quickly absorbs fluids away from the skin, providing comfort and confidence
  • 2- Side Guards to Prevent Leakage
  • 3- Breathable Back Sheet: Helps the skin breathe, by allowing air to flow in and out. It also makes the product noiseless and discreet
  • 4- Adhesive Tape that Offers Reliable Attachment to the Underwear
  • 5- Contour Shape that Fits the Body
Available Sizes
  • Free size - 28 PADS