Fine Care® Underpads

Because we know that little nuisances like incontinence cannot stop strong women from living life to the fullest, our wide range of products gives you the protection you need to do the things you love, the way you want! 

For “More Protection and Less Worries” Fine Care® disposable underpads are used to help protect the surfaces of beds and chairs from getting wet, so that your loved ones are more comfortable wherever they are!

Fine Care® Underpads:

Fine Care® Underpads are specifically designed to provide maximum protection for beds and chairs against accidental urine loss and during procedures. With its soft, non-woven top sheet, absorbent core, waterproof back sheet and sealed edges, Fine Care® Underpads are perfectly suitable to protect the surfaces and keep them dry. 

 Available Sizes
  • 90cm X 60cm – 20 Pads